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Terms and Conditions


1. Client signs and confirms that the car is in good condition, all documents are included.

2. Client has to return a car in same condition as received. The car is being returned to the place according agreement.

3. Car is being rented with full fuel tank. Client needs to return a car with full fuel tank. If not client is being charged when the car is being returned.

4. If client doesn’t carry out terms and conditions Twins Tour can take a car earlier or to call the Police to ask to strt looking for a car.

5. If client wants to extend an agreement new signed agreement needs to be sent to client.

6. If client doesn’t return a car in 24 hours afetr an agreement is finished or doesn’t inform Twins Tour, Twins Tour takes it as car stolen and calls to police.


1. Clien needs to provide not expired ID and Car Licence.

2. Client needs to be not younger then 21.

3. Only people who are in agreement can drive a rented car.

4. Minimum car rent term – 24 hours.

5. Client must lock all the doors and turn on alarm if there is one even if he leaves a car for a short time. Client mus save car documents and keys.

6. If car brakes down car needs to be taken to Twins Tour recommended garrage only.

7. Client must save a rented car from stealing and braking a car at all times.


1. If there is an accident client must inform Twins Tour, police, fire team. If there is a theft clint must inform Twins our, police, insurance company. Client also must ask police to start investigation:

      1. Police documents, transportation documents are the most important documents for insurance and to accuse people who did the damage.

      2. Proof objects (things, traces, witness testimony) have to be saved, also al players names and addresses need to be written and saved. Client can’t sign any documents which blame Twins Tour for damage pay back.

      3. Client needs to save a car from damages and must:

          1. to save a car and to remove the reasons for damages;

          2. to inform police about accident and to get police document about accident.

      4. To inform Twins Tour about accident on telephone number: +370 625 31913.

      5. Client needs to provide details: where damaged car is, when and to which company accident was reported, to inform if culprit is known (his name, surname, address, telephone number).

      6. Client is responsible for a car once agreement is started. Twins Tour can’t be blamed and asked for pay back.


Short/Long Term Car Rent Service.

Liabilities to our clients:

  • Best price for the best Quality;

  • Quick and operative service;

  • No hidden charges;

  • Deposit – 0 Eur;

  • Special offers to loyal clients;

  • Car delivery/collection without extra charge;

  • Car parking in airports for Free;

  • Car rent confirmation sent by email.

Book a car via our reservation system in our website and you will get a reply within a few hours.

Contact us for more information by phone numbers LT+37062531913/UK+447761455080, email: or send a request on our FB page.


We are committed to:
  • The best quality for the best price
  • Prompt and fast service
  • Deposit - 0 Euro
  • Short/Long term car rent offers
  • Special offers to loyal clients
  • Free car parking in airports
  • Free drop off/pick up