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Our company’s name says that our company is about travelling – tour. It is difficult to imagine ourdays without a car. It helps us to travel from A to B and makes our life easier. You don’t need to be in a cold bus station, to get up earlier or to worry about high public transport prices if you have a car. If your car is broken or you came back for holidays we are here to help you. We offer to use our cars almost without any restrictions.Our reservation system is easy to use for any people age.  You can reserve a car by phone or via internet. Confirmation will e sent to your email addres within a few hours. No hidden charges and no deposit. We prepare agreement and you only need to sign and drive your chosen car.


To become the most popular car rent company offering good prices in Lithuania. Our clients are people who pay good price for good service and recommend us to their friends. You are our clients.


To become the best known car rent company in Lithuania which offers the best price for car rent.


  • to look after our clients and to make them happy;

  • to expend to Baltic countries;

  • to renew reservation system;

  • to reply our clients straight away;

  • to make good conditions to rent a car to any age of people;

  • to make sure all the cars are in good condition;

  • to provide filled up car rent agreement to customer trying to save customer’s time and money.

We are committed to:
  • The best quality for the best price
  • Prompt and fast service
  • Deposit - 0 Euro
  • Short/Long term car rent offers
  • Special offers to loyal clients
  • Free car parking in airports
  • Free drop off/pick up