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About us


A value driven customer experience that defines the character of the company through friendly experience, outstanding service and excellent value.


to be a nationwide market share leader in each of the markets we serve. We will try to attain this vision by providing our customers cost effective and quality service. We will add value to these services by providing legendary customer service through our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • to provide friendly and reliable customer service in order to establish a loyal customer base;
  • to grow as a car rental company not only in Lithuania;
  • to provide best service insuring comfortable, safe, reliable and timely service;
  • to effectively promote our service to a wide range of corporates;
  • to achieve continuous improvement in customer satisfaction;
  • to provide cost affective transport solution to the client.
We are committed to:
  • The best quality for the best price
  • Prompt and fast service
  • Deposit - 0 Euro
  • Short/Long term car rent offers
  • Special offers to loyal clients
  • Free car parking in airports
  • Free drop off/pick up