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Terms and conditions

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1. The client must be not younger than 21 years old and have not less than 2 year driving experience.

2. The client must have/provide valid passport and driving license.

3. Required car can be reserved via website reservation system, phone call, email or FB messenger.

4. As soon as all the details are confirmed by both parties car rental confirmation will be sent to client via email.


1.  The car is delivered to the client with a full tank of petrol, clean and tidy after reservation confirmation. It has to be returned in the same condition.

2. The car is delivered as per agreed time/place.

3. Car rental agreement copy, car keys and invoice are given to the client after all the documents are signed.

4. The car is returned as per agreed time/place.

5. If the client needs to extend car rental contract, he needs to contact Twins Tour agent and discuss the time frames.


All the vehicles are covered under insurances below:

  1. basic car insurance;
  2. comprehensive car insurance (The client pays 0.00 Euro if the rented vehicle is damaged by others. The client pays up to 150.00 Euro if the rented vehicle is damaged by the client).

The client needs to contact Twins Tour agent ASAP if accident happens and the client will be informed which steps will need to be followed.


There are 2 payment methods:

* bank transfer – Marijos Vilkienės IĮ Twins Tour – business code: 132252163, bank: SEB Vilniaus bankas LT21 7044 0600 0645 0608 (invoice number needs to be written into comments);

* cash (cash needs to be paid when the vehicle is delivered to the client and agreement is signed).

There is no extra fee for the car delivery to Kaunas and Vilnius airport.

Car parking in the airports of Lithuania is free of charge.

We are committed to:
  • The best quality for the best price
  • Prompt and fast service
  • Deposit - 0 Euro
  • Short/Long term car rent offers
  • Special offers to loyal clients
  • Free car parking in airports
  • Free drop off/pick up